Car Park Area.

Old Man's Folly The Beat Goes on.

Old Man's Folly, ** VS 4C. The Beat Goes On, Hard Severe.

Old Man's Folly.

The picture above left was taken from the end of the rocky peninsula looking back towards the car park. (north) By traversing left from the above platform at sea level you will travel around the corner to the bottom of a black groove running full crag height. this is "Racing The Waves," ** E1 5B, and is an excellent climb. Between these two routes lies

1: "The Numbtease Dance." V. DIFF 20m

Approx. 8 meters to the left of "Old Man's Folly" and just round the corner right of "Racing the Waves." Climb the right trending, left facing fault on big holds/small ledges, finish direct or follow the fault right to a wee niche and the top. Beware sharp rock.

The Beat Goes On.

The picture above right was taken from the top of "Racing the Waves" looking north back towards the car park. This route climbs the center of the with a choice of finishes.

Sloppy Seconds.

The above photo was taken from the top of The Black Slabs looking back towards the car park.

Route 1: Sloppy Seconds, 5B.

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