Sea Cliff Climbing on the Orkney Islands.

The Islands of Orkney have hundreds of miles of sea cliffs guarding their coastlines. So far, very little of this coast has been explored by climbers, the few places that have been explored and developed (up to November 2003) are documented in the current SMC northern Highlands North route guidebook. If you don't have this guidebook try the Scottish Mountaineering Club. The pages on this site are best used in conjunction with the guide. All the routes and locations that were put up after November 2003 are fully described in the text under each topo.

Mainland Orkney.

The Mainland is the largest and most populated of the Orkney islands.

The Outer Isles.

Hoy is by far the best known of Orkney's Islands. Apart from the The Old Man, Hoy has miles and miles of unclimbed sea cliffs. The cliffs that have so far been explored contain some of the most serious routes in Great Britain.

Westray, the largest of Orkney's northern islands.

Stronsay, another of Orkney's northern islands.

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