The Black Slabs.

The black Slabs from the carpark.

The black slabs are the most prominent feature you will see when looking south from the car park. Walk round the bay to the cairn at the top of the Brough of Bigging, a few meters north of here are two abseil stakes. (placed May 2003) The abseil is 35 meters to the base of the slabs, during the summer months the base of these slabs is non tidal, but with any westerly sea the base is extremely hazardous. The rock is nice compact sandstone covered in a black lichen which must be dry. When dry, the rock is good with excellent friction and when wet the rock has no friction at all.

The Black Slabs.,

Route 1: The First of Many. * severe 4A

Route 2: Uninvited Guest. ** VS 4C

Route 3: Pull Direct. * VS 4B

Route 4: The Fall of the Clarkes. * severe 4B

Route 5: Slippery When Wet. * severe 4A

Route 6: Black Traverse. severe

Starting immediately to the left of the arête/corner as for "The Long Wait," climb up direct to the cave under the huge capping roof, traverse left along good horizontal breaks to the cave at far left of roof.

Route 7: The Long Wait. VS 4B

Route 8: Keep on Puffin. ** VS 5A

Route 9: The Puffin Factory. ** HVS 5B

Route 10: The Leg Jammer. E1 5C

Route 11: Fortitude in Distress. * HVS 5B

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