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Climbing in Orkney.

This site is designed as a guide for climbers to the climbing potential of the sandstone sea cliffs and stacks found around the islands of Orkney.

From a climbing point of view most of Orkney is unexplored. With only very limited places having been climbed, the potential for new routes is enormous. Parts of Hoy and Yesnaby being the only two areas where significant development has so far occurred. In general the climbing in Orkney is on sandstone sea cliffs as there are no inland crags.

Orkney Route Guide

A route guide to the sea cliffs of Orkney.

This part of the site is the beginnings of a guide to Orkney with routes in several lesser known cliffs on both the Mainland (of Orkney) and the outer isles. This section is being continually updated as and when routes are put up.

Orkney Sea Stacks

Orkney Sea Stacks.

This part of the site is a complete guide to the sea stacks found around the Orkney coastline. Apart from the Old Man of Hoy and Yesnaby Castle these stacks are more or less unknown to the general population so climbing in solitude is almost guaranteed.


I am continually working on this site. If you have previously done routes anywhere on the islands or want any information about the climbing in Orkney send me a message at iain@orkney-seastacks.