The Sea Walls Area.

Yesnaby, The Sea Walls.

The above picture was taken from the top of the False Stack looking west. A excellent sea level traverse starts as for Wee Lum and continue on immaculate rock past all the platforms and starts for the gardyloo routes. This is best savored as a deep water solo. "Vision Quest," 60m 4C/5C. (tide dependant)

Gardyloo routes:

Route 1: W:ee Lum. ** HVS 5A

Route 2: Skullsplitter. ** E2 5C

Route 3: Freeloader, ** E1 5B

Route 4: Wander Wall. E1 5B

Route 5: Ebb Tide. * E1 5B

Route 6: Gardyloo Gold. *** E2 5C

Route 7: Thing of Dreams. *** E2 5B

Route 8: Sea of Dreams. *** E2 5C

Qui Ayre Point.

Qui Ayre Point

Qui Ayre Point routes.

Route 1: The Half Buoy. * Severe

Route 2: Route 91. ** HVS 5A

Route 3: The Cog. * E2 5C

Route 4: Tutties Wall. ** E2 5B

Route 5: Tutties Crack. ** E2 5B

Route 6: Tutties Neuk. ** HVS 5A (hidden)

Route 7: The Quarryman. *** E2 5C

Route 8: The Big Swall ** E5 6B

Route 9: No maybes. ** E3 6A

Tower Face.

Tower Face

Tower Face Routes:

Route 1: The Quarryman. *** E2 5C

Route 2: The Big Swall. ** E5 6B

Route 3: No Maybes. ** E3 6A

Route 4a: Definitely Maybe. E2 5C

Route 4b: Deceptively Groovy. ** E2 5C

Route 5: The Forgotten. * E1 5B

Climb the thin full crag height groove/crack immediately to the left of "Bobbin's Groove." Easy at first to a ledge, followed by crimping though the black slab then good jug pulling up the last steep 6 meters. Excellent rock and adequate protection.

Route 6: Bobbins Groove. E1 5A

Route 7: Ebb and Flo. VS 4C

Arch Wall.

Arch Wall

Arch Wall Routes:

Tr: Crab Crawl. ** HVS 5A

Route 1: The Lunge. * E1 5C

Route 2: Tausie wall. ** E4 6B

Route 3: Nuckelavee. ** E4 6A

Route 4: Long Hard Winter. *** E3 5C

Route 5: Ronnie the Axe. ** E5 6A

Route 6: Mac the Knife. ** E4 6A

Route 7: Hajj. ** E4 6a

Route 8: Summer Pilgrim. * E3 5C

Route 9: Nyook Waa. Mild Severe (Hidden)

Route 10: Sunset Crack. Hard Severe

Route 11: The Lang Hudauf. V. Diff

Route 12: The Langer Hudauf. * V. Diff

Starting at the far eastern end of the tidal platform at the bottom of arch wall. (which is the same starting point for "Vision Quest" and "Wee Lum.") Climb directly up on perfect rock to a sloping ledge, follow this ledge until it steepens, step up to the higher ledge above the Wee Lum. Follow the big hand crack up the steeper wall to the top.

Route 13: Vision Quest. * 4C/5C

Route 14: Wee Lum. ** HVS 5A

Gardyloo Wall.

Gardyloo wall. (west end)

Route 1: The Lang Hudauf. V. Diff.

Route 2: The Langer Hudauf. * V. Diff.

Route 3: Wee Lum. ** HVS 5A.

Route 4: Lum Crack. ** E3 5C.

Climb the perfect steep hand/finger crack two metres to the right of the "Wee Lum." Chimney. Access at low tide is by a short traverse to gain "Wee Lum," at high tide ab in and take a stance on the wee non tidal ledge at the base of "Wee Lum."

Route 5: Skullsplitter. ** E2 5C

Route 6: Freeloader, ** E1 5B

Route 7: Gardyloo Gold. *** E2 5C

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