The Clett.

The Clett.

The Clett is the smaller stack in the bay located between the car park and The Clett of Crura to the East. It is an almost exact replica of the larger Clett of Crura to the East.

ACCESS: It is easiest to walk along the stoney beach from the roadside car park to as close to the stack as possible, followed by a swim to it's base. At low tide it is a 30 meter swim and at high tide it is nearer a 300 metre epic to gain the base of the stack.

ASCENT: From the Western end of the seaward face climb the wide hand crack to a wee stance to the left of the resident fulmar. Carefully step right to a good stance. (shared by the fulmar) Follow the smaller right trending crack up the nicely angled wall to the knife blade summit. SEVERE

DESCENT: Abseil down the center of the seaward face.

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