Sea Stacks First Ascents.

The Old Man of Hoy.

The Old Man's climbing history is well documented in lots of different guides and SMC literature over the decades since it was first climbed

The Needle.

The Original Route. XS 5C, M. Fowler, S. Sustad, N. Dugan, May 1990


Unknown Route. A&S Roberts, Aug 1970

"Never Again!" E3 5C, L. Gorham, I. Miller, July 2002

The Clett of Crura.

The Seaward Face:

The Central fault, SVR, A&S Roberts, Aug 1970

"Ode to My Friend," HS, I. Miller, L. Gorham, 28/07/04

"A Drop in the Ocean." SVR, S. Herd, I. Miller, May 2003

"Sea Spray." SVR, I. Miller, S. Herd, May 2003

The Landward Face:

VS, S. Sustad, N. Dugan, M. Fowler, May 1990

The Clett.

"Things Complete." SVR, L. Gorham, I. Miller, 28/07/04

North Gaulton Castle.

The Original Route, HVS, P. Minks, C. Phillips, April 1970 (Tyrolean approach)

"Out of the Deep," HVS 5A, H. Folkard, T. Robins, July 1979

Yesnaby Castle

The South Face, E2 5B, J. Brown & pals, July 1967

The Landward Face, J. Brown & pals, july 1967

"Yes, Please," (seaward face), E3 6A, M. Fowler & pals, May 1990

Stack o' Roo

The Landward Face, (via the big flake?), SVR, J. Upton & gang, May 1970

the Landward Face, (to the right of above), SVR, I&M. Miller, May 2002

"A Family Affair," HVS 5B, I. Miller, S. Herd, June 2003

Standard Rock

The Landward Arete, SVR, A&S Roberts, Aug 1970

The Castle of Burrian

The Original Route, SVR, I. Miller, M. Dowal, July 2002

The Southwest Corner, HVS 5A, I. Miller, Aug 2002 (T/R solo)

The Brough.

The Original Route, VS, I. Miller, h. clarke, July 2003

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