The Castle of Burrian.

The Castle of BurrianThe Castle of BurrianThe Castle of Burrian

The Castle of Burrian is an amusing wee stack on the outskirts of Rackwick Bay on the island of Westray. (GR 506428) Westray is the biggest and most populous of Orkney northern isles. A ferry trip is the only way to get you and your car to the island. For travel information try Orkney Ferries. Have a wee look here for further routes on the island. Try Bis Geos for good accommodation, it's very good value has a 5 star rating and is very popular.

From the ferry terminal at Rapness in the south of the island, drive two miles north (on the only road) to the sign for Puffins. Follow the track to the right to the car parking at an old mill. From here it is a short walk along the coastal path to a big flat stack. Continue on the path for a couple of hundred meters past this to the cliffs over looking the stack.

ACCESS: Getting to the base of the stack involves a 30 meter abseil down the surrounding cliffs as close to the stack as you can, using the concrete strainer post as a bomber anchor. It is also possible to traverse in along the sea level platforms from the other stack with a short traverse over a sea cave. But this is best savoured as your escape after climbing the stack rather than a horrendous prussik back up the abseil rope.

ASCENT: The stack sits on a wedge shaped plinth which slopes into the sea from the east face of the stack. From the top of the plinth on the seaward side, climb the landward corner to the hand jamming crack at half height and continue on poor rock to the top. Severe

DESCENT: As mentioned in the access chapter it is a better finish to the climb to traverse out along the sea level platform towards the other stack.

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