Tomb of the Eagles.

These sea cliffs are found at the southern end of south Ronaldsay. The Tomb of the Eagles is the name of the tourist attraction found in the field behind the big flat wall. For more information try Tomb of the Eagles. On visiting these crags please be considerate to the owners of the Tomb as this is a small family run business. It would be diplomatic, and educational, if visiting for the first time to pay for the tour of the tomb. It's a small sum and tour end's on top of the big flat wall!

Recess to the south of Doonie Geo.

Doonie Geo Wall

Route 1: The Doo Cot, * SVR (left)

Route 2: Pentland Crossing, V.Diff

Route 3: Pentland Venture, * SVR

Kitty Wind Wall.

Kity Wind Wall

Route 1: Sea Pink, SVR

Route 2: Spoots, VS 4C

Route 3: Gaalo, VS 4C

Route 4: Keystone Corner, VS 4B

Hidden in a wee recess (Canty Crack Bay) to the right of Keystone Corner are a further two routes. Corner climb, V. Diff, and to the right again, Canty Crack, ** V. Diff.

Route 5: The Selkie, *** Diff

Route 6: The Edge, V. Diff

The Big Flat Wall. (Left End)

Big Flat Wall. (left end)

Route 1: Slap Dash, * V. Diff

Route 2: The Rite of Spring, E1 5B (hidden)

Route 3: Sea Spray, VS 4C

Route 4: Eric's Direct, * VS 4C

Route 5: Peery Crack, Severe

The Big Flat Wall. (right End)

Big Flat Wall (right end)

Route 1: Little Sergeant, VS 5A

Route 2: Work Placement, VS 4B

Route 3: Central Groove, * VS 4A

Route 4: Spare Rib, HS

Route 5: Bare Foot Hero, ** E1 5A

Route 6: 40/60, * V. Diff

Route 7: Double Windsor, * VS 5A

Route 8: Moozie, V. Diff

To the right of Moozie is a recessed bay to the far right of the main wall, there are a further five routes here. (photo's to follow)

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