This is a fine wee crag for a summer evening's entertainment. (GR 526990) The crag is about 14 meters average height, the tops are bare rock so belay's are no problem and the base is dry at any state of tide. The grade rage is Moderate to E3 ish. The routes are numbered west to east.


The nearest public car park is at the cemetery. (GR 511005) From here it is a walk along the main road for 1 km to the crossroads at Grid reference 522000. From here follow the private un-tarred road toward the sea to a wee loch and cottage at the "No Car Access Sign." Leave the road here and walk along the beach for about 200 meters towards the tower on the headland to the south. Follow the beach towards this tower until you have passed all the fenced fields. Now cross the open land, walk directly east towards the tower. (climbed at severe on it's NW corner) From the base of the tower continue east for about 300 meters to an unusual wee hillock about 2 meters high, this hillock is just back from the crag top. Access is easiest down the easy angled slabs on the west side.


The Main Crag Looking East.


Route 1: left exit. VS, Direct exit. HVS, right exit. Severe

Route 2: The Arete Direct. E1 5B

Route 3: "Blame Boris." mild severe

Routes 4-6: Very Difficult

Routes 7a & 7b: Severe

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Route 2,3,4 &7

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Route 10: Very Difficult

Route 11: Thor's Hatchet. Left exit HVS, right exit VS 4C

Route 12: Very difficult

Route 13: The Sneaky Crimp. VS

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Route 14: VS

Route 15 VS. several different finishes

Route 16: Maggies Crack. Severe

Route 18: odd Groove. Severe

Route 19: Paul's Stall. E2 5B

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